Athens Internet Marketing – Search Engine Domination Packages

83% of your potential customers are looking for you on the internet. But is your local internet marketing plan helping them find you?

If you aren’t building your online presence you are literally throwing customers away. Think about it… when is the last time you looked in the Yellow Pages for a local business? Do you think your customers do?

Assuming they did it would probably do wonders for your business if you could actually erase all of your competitors ads. With internet marketing, done the right way, you can.

By dominating first page search engine listings you become an immediate authority in the searchers eyes. Imagine what it will be like to be THE car dealer, restaurant, dentist or jewelry store in Athens, GA.

No you do not have to be based in Athens to work with us. We help clients from all over the country generate more leads and sales through online marketing.

Don’t Be Left Behind

Over the next three years 70% of offline businesses, both small and private; large and public, will move a majority of their marketing online. This includes YOUR competitors!

Add to this the fact that 60% of companies find online marketing more efficient and profitable than traditional marketing AND that 74% of businesses plan to increase their online spending over the next three years.

It’s not as Easy as it Looks

A common misconception of search engine marketing is that all you have to do is submit your website and then you’re done. Basically If you build it they will come.

Anyone who has tried to do this can tell you, it takes more than that to achieve a good ranking. Internet marketing, and more specifically, search engine optimization is an ongoing process.

Simply submitting your site and then hoping for the best is not an effective strategy. Instead, you must understand the process to achieving top rankings in the major search engines, and then do something about it.

This process is known as search engine optimization or SEO. What we do is even more effective than standard SEO. We do employ some SEO strategies but go way beyond that in order to achieve the domination that can mean so many more leads to your business.

What We Can Offer Your Business

  • Identify measurable client objectives – Improved search engine rankings, leads and sales
  • Perform competitive analysis – Identifies current position in relation to competitors
  • Perform keyword analysis and research – Determines target phrases for maximum impact
  • Perform site analysis – Defines technology requirements for optimization and whether there are any barriers to overcome with current site architecture or structure to indexing
  • Produce Tactical Plan – Outlines final target keyword phrase list and specific mix of Search Engine Marketing tactics for achieving objectives
  • SEO Improvement – Includes optimization of code on appropriate pages of current site and may include creation of additional content specific pages.
  • Monitor and Report – We can analize site log statistics and also produce a SEO report to document current positions of target phrases on the major search engines
  • Refine and Improve – Relentless pursuit to meet and exceed expectations involves using ongoing monitoring intelligence to adjust optimization and to re-submit only as necessary

This is a Little Different from What You’ve Heard Before

We Leverage The Internet and Social Media Marketing So You Get More Leads, Make More Sales and Increase your Profitability

Lets face it there are quite a few companies who can offer you some type of ranking. One page on page one of Google for one keyword is a fairly standard offer.

A ranking in the number one spot will be clicked on by a large percentage of those searching for your local business. But why stop there?

Wouldn’t you rather have most of the rankings for the first, second and even third page of the search engines? Completely dominating local searches automatically makes you the authority in your market.

If you’re not establishing your presence online and effectively grabbing your online market share, then your competitors will steamroll you over the next coming years.