How to Create a Contact Page in Word Press

Here’s a quick lesson on how to create a contact page in Word Press using the Contact Form 7 plugin. You can learn more about the plugin itself at: (Opens in New Window)

Step 1: Click the “Add New” button under the plugins heading.


Step 2: Do a quick search to find the plugin. Just type “Contact Form 7” into the search box just like in the image below.


Step 3: Install the plugin to your website.


Step 4: Then activate it.


Step 5: Now we need to edit the form.


Step 6: Changing the form itself.

To setup one just like I’ve done in this lesson you can just copy the text below and paste it into the “Form” box. If you want to customize your own form just click the “Generate Tag” button in the upper right section and follow those instructions. Be sure to copy the codes it provides into the form AND your email message below it.

Here’s the copy and paste part:

First Name (required)

[text* your-name]

Last Name (required)

[text* your-last-name]

Your Email (required)

[email* your-email]

Reason for contacting

[select dropdown1 "I have a general question for you" "I would like to hire you" "I want to report a site bug"]


[textarea your-message]

[submit "Send"]

Step 7: Set up the from and to email addresses. If you copied and paste the last part then you should add the dropdown code here too.

Step 8: For the message body we just need to add the Last Name, Reason for contacting and your website info.

Step 9: Click the save button after you’re through making your changes.

Step 10: Copy the provided shortcode so we can insert this form into a page.

Step 11: Now we’ll add a new page to your blog to insert the form into. Under “Pages” click “Add New” to get started.

Step 12: Now add the page title, any text before the form and (while in the HTML tab) paste the shortcode that you copied a minute ago.

Step 13: After making your changes you can publish the page.

Step 14: To add to a custom menu start by clicking the “Menus” button under the “Appearance” heading.

Step 15: First name your menu and click create.

Step 16: Now add your “Contact” page to it by checking the box and clicking the “Add to Menu” button.

Step 17: Now save your menu and you are done. Fine the contact page on your site and check out the shiny new contact form on it.

Here’s the form I just built during this lesson:

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