Local SEO Myths #1 – If You JUST Build It They Will Come

A pretty common misconception is that all you need to be found online is a website. There’s no search engine rotation so your site will show up sometimes. Google, Yahoo and Bing choose the 10 sites they believe are the best out of all the others to fill that first page.

So a website alone will not get you on page one but a properly set up site will make a huge difference. Internet marketing offers the most effective and trackable marketing available but it requires a consistent effort to achieve and keep top rankings.

What To Avoid When Building Your Site

 The easiest way to boost your chances of being found online is to set up your website correctly from the get go. Stay away from the “Easy Instant Website Builder” junk that is actually neither easy nor instant. More importantly these types of programs are built for the ease of use as the primary concern. SEO, which is the important part, is quite obviously not even a concern.

A site built in this way seems like a great idea and it is indeed better than absolutely nothing. The problem really is in the background. For the best chance of good rankings you need a website built on a versatile platform, with good clean code and one that you can easily update/make changes to yourself.

What About Hiring A Professional Web Designer?

A web design focused company can build you the most beautiful website you’d ever imagined. For a mere $5,000 you may get the best looking site you’ve ever seen. The main thing to bear in mind here is that the design part is the focus of a web design company.

Functionality and search engine rankings are way down on the list in almost all cases. Yes, every web design company offers SEO help as an add-on. But these services will not be provided in house and the SEO Company has no input into the building of the sites.

The only real goal of a business website should be business. If it’s just for look how pretty but doesn’t put you in contact with new customers why even have a site at all? That’s why not taking the single purpose of a website into consideration when building it just seems awful silly to me for some reason.

The Easy Way To Get Your Site Done Right

Remember this one word: WordPress. This is a great platform because of the built in SEO and ease of use. WordPress is a very versatile Content Management System that makes a great web site framework.

These sites load fast, have a solid SEO power built in, and can be customized to look great without breaking the bank. A WordPress based website, if set up correctly, will help to get you on page one much quicker.

For the do-it-yourselfer WordPress is easy to make additions and changes to. A new page or blog post can be live on your site with only a little more effort than typing a simple Word document.

How To Get Your Site On Page One

Mainly you should never consider your site to be “done” but rather always a work in progress. A stale web site will only rank against the weakest of competition. You should be regularly adding useful content to your site.

Don’t forget about the off-site ranking factors either. These have always been the most important factors in the search engine rankings of any site. Links from other web sites to yours are considered to be a favorable vote towards the importance of your site by the search engines.

Incoming links are also widely known to be the single most important ranking factor. Which means this is where you should place the majority of your SEO efforts.

So here are the important parts:

  • Add new content to your website regularly
  • Create Off-Site Content
    • Write articles and submit those to online article directories on a consistent basis.
      (See the Article Marketing section of this blog for help with this.)
    • Videos are content too! Be sure you don’t ignore this highly effective opportunity.
  • Only link your site to other websites that are either:
    a) Highly relevant to your site
    b) Useful to your site visitors

If you stick to the basics you will grow your web site into a powerful online marketing machine quicker than you may think.

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