On Site Content – How To Write For Your Website The Easy Way

If I had to pick the single most important skill for getting websites to rank at the top of the search engines I’d have to go with writing. Now don’t get all nervous. It is so much easier to do than it seems. Besides, your high school English teacher will not be grading this!

When I first started my foray into the online marketing world the idea of writing a bunch of stuff frightened me. I guess I was worried that I’d get it wrong, look silly or whatever. So for about the first six months I hired writers for everything I submitted to article directories and put on my websites rather than even trying it for myself.

Even so I knew that it was a skill I needed so I started practicing. Just thinking about an idea and putting it on paper (or screen) made me more and more comfortable with it. After a little while I learned that it really only takes a tiny bit of practice to get pretty good at putting your thoughts online. For you I’ve got an even easier way to get started creating your own content.

Article Writing For Your Website

Article writing requires just an informal writing style. Preferably with some actual personality added in. My most successful customers are those who are not afraid to be involved in the content creation for their site.

Think about this; no one will know your business inside and out the way you do. As intelligent and professional as our writers are we can’t put your knowledge on your site just the same and it’s pretty much impossible to add in someone else’s personality.

Here’s the most simple way to do this. Buy a voice recorder and just talk about your business. Then transcribe it or ask someone to transcribe it for you. I’ll often record an “article” as I’m driving down the road. A little transcription later and I have a brand new article done.

Other than a little spell check you don’t even need to do much editing. The nice thing about this is that it comes out as just conversational, natural speech. For an online article that’s just what it needs to be.

The inclusion of your personality is great too because looking something up online can seem somewhat impersonal. We normally spend more time on a site that seems to speak to us. It also makes it easier to trust the person on the other side of that site when you feel like you know them a little bit.

People shop at stores and eat at restaurants all the time while having no idea who the owner is or anything about them. I find that I prefer to deal with people I know, who treat me like I’m important to them, etc. 

Let your potential customers online get to know you, like you, and trust you. This will make it so much easier to turn them into your newest paying customers’ that you’ll start to love writing for your website.

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