Small Business Website Design

If you need a website built for your business we’ve got you covered. Purchasing a business website based solely on how nice it looks can be  much like buying a Ferrari with a 4 cylinder engine. Just plain silly, right?

The whole purpose of any business website should be to get targeted leads, more customers to your door and to increase the number of orders for your products/services.

When you buy a business website from us you get a quality site geared towards top search engine rankings. Since local SEO is our focus we don’t tend to build sites that just “look pretty” but also have all the behind the scenes functionality you need. That does not mean, however, that a site from us doesn’t have the aesthetics you would expect from a professional site. Just that we focus on what is most important.

Does Your Web Site Design Suck?

One of the biggest problems I run across with businesses who already have a site and want us to help with the Internet marketing for them is “pretty” websites. A web designer is generally more focused on the look and feel of the site and that can cause a few issues. Some designers are better than others of course but it’s rare to find a true balance between design and SEO functionality.

It’s also pretty common for site designers to include a link from every page of your site (almost never a no-follow link) to their site. This boosts their search engine rankings significantly since one way links are one of the most important ranking factors.

Those rankings of their own sites are oftentimes shown as “proof” that they can help with your SEO efforts. In actuality it just means they’ve built a number of websites that all link back to theirs.

Those “5 Minute Site Builders”

Worse yet the business owner may have been sucked in to the “Build Your Own Site In 5 Minutes” junk that comes free with many hosting accounts. Remember the old adage you get what you pay for? These types are focused on being easy to build by anyone and to be somewhat visually pleasing.

Point and click and just type a couple of things to save you some money sounds like a good idea. Often too many graphics or pictures cause the site to be slow loading. Or the have a dynamic site design which includes session IDs and just kills your promotional efforts. Stay far, far, far away from these “quick and simple” solutions.

What Kind Of Business Websites Do We Build?

Every site we build is based on a, simple to update, Content Management System known as Word Press. These contain all the SEO functionality needed for any online promotional effort large or small. They also have the versatility to give you a beautiful looking web site at the same time.

Each site includes your Home, Contact, Services, About Us and Privacy pages as well as an integrated Blog. We use your input and preferences to create the content for each of these while optimizing each for search engine ranking.

All of these sites can be managed and promoted by us or you can just purchase a site and go it alone. If you want help we’ll can take care of the content creation, link building, web video marketing, branding and social media promotion. If not you’ll still have a jump on your competition anyway because you’ll be starting off with a website that’s truly set up for SEO.

30 days of tech support and for minor design edits is also included in each package. After that we’re still always here if you need a little advice.

Training On Using Your New Site

Whether we manage and promote your site or not you receive all the training you need to properly use your site and even the basics on how to do your own promotion. We’ll show you how to add new pages, post to your new blog edit existing pages/posts, and even the quickest and easiest ways to promote your business using the site. This training normally cost $250 per hour but is included at no charge when you buy a business web site from us.

My favorite customers are those who do a mix of our promotional efforts and adding of their own personality to their business site. This is absolutely the most effective way to build your business online. Not required but definite food for thought.

Your Next Step

Contact us today for a complimentary 21 point web site analysis of your existing site or a proposal on designing your new business web site. Remember our focus is on making your site rank highly to get new customers to your doorstep. With a site from Internet Marketing Athens you have the best chance of being on top quickly and having your phones ringing off the hook with customers.